Six Sigma Free Online Webinar

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You might think the title to this article Six Sigma Free Online Webinar is pretty punchy.   I thought so too.  The problem is right now as I am writing I do not have a Six Sigma Free Online Webinar to post on this blog.  Nor is this a ploy with Google to try to build traffic here.  I do intend to produce Six Sigma webinars with my materials and offer training someday but right now I am trying to get you to participate in an experiment.  More specifically, a designed experiment.  That’s right; a Design of Experiments (DOE) as you learned in your Black Belt training.

Six Sigma Free Online Webinar

What I am trying to do in this experiment is to write two articles based on different Six Sigma keywords and compare the web traffic to each of these, the audience demographics and determine the best way to build a future consulting business.


I guess you could say that I am trying to build traffic to the sixsigmaz blog.  But it’s not what you think.  I am not trying to build traffic for the wrong reasons for advertising clicks.  I am earnestly collecting visitor data to determine my best next steps to advertise my business without paying for or relying on advertising (that takes up valuable real-estate on your page anyways).   Actually, I am shopping around for a good camcorder so that I can create my own free online webinars and post some of my blogs.  I don’t think that free online webinars replace actual classroom Six Sigma training though so don’t expect an online certification program from me anytime soon.


I will tell you what the other competing article will be anyways.  It’s no secret.  At around the same time, another blog post will appear simultaneously.  The blog post title is intended to be about Six Sigma Certification in Toronto and Montreal.  I am trying to hone my materials and kick off Six Sigma training workshops and full certification in both Toronto and Montreal.  For Montreal I am even seriously considering offering training in French.


Thanks for reading the article I titled Six Sigma Free Online Webinar and I hope to post results of this designed experiment some time (if I only get a couple of visits it may not be worthwhile.


Six Sigma Free Online Webinar


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