Six Sigma Training Toronto Taking Applicants soon

Six Sigma Training Toronto

Here is another article in rapid succession from the previous post with a catchy title Six Sigma Training Toronto.  This is the second part of an experiment designed to attract visitors to my site to help me with a possible consulting business.  I am trying to determine if I am more likely to succeed with Six Sigma training Toronto than in Montreal and whether offering some free online webinars would also generate an audience.

Six Sigma Training Toronto

I am not trying to build traffic for the wrong reasons for advertising clicks.  I am earnestly collecting visitor data to determine my best next steps to advertise my business without paying for or relying on advertising (that takes up valuable real-estate on your page anyways).  I am posting this article as part of a designed experiment (the three articles being the controlled X and the visitor traffic being the Y response).


Just before this post I published another blog post titled Six Sigma Free Online Webinar.  The blog post title is intended to be about Six Sigma Certification and whether I should offer courses in Toronto and Montreal.  In my spare time I am refining my materials so that I can kick off Six Sigma training workshops and full certification in both Toronto and Montreal.  For Montreal training, and possibly the rest of Quebec, I am also translating my materials into French.


Thanks for reading and I hope to post results of this designed experiment some time (if I only get a couple of visits it may not be worthwhile.




Six Sigma Training Toronto



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