Why We Need Six Sigma – Marine Disaster Accident

Epic Boat Fail

In working on several projects in the effort of actually completing my Six Sigma Black Belt certification (yes, three years after my training) I have stumbled across several road blocks, which are quite normal for a neophyte Black Belt to contend with.

In trying to rationalize some of the ridiculous things I have learned and trying to put my real life data and experiences into a structured DMAIC project, I began searching the web for some insight.  It turns out I’m not alone and many people abandon Six Sigma all together because they have not been able to apply it to everyday problems.  Others, have simply taken it too seriously and have simply burned themselves out.


For all aspiring Six Sigma Black Belts, regardless that your discipline is DFSS, DMAIC, LEAN, please don’t take yourself (or the tools) too seriously.  Please have a laugh on me with this hilarious video.



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